Trying to Decide What You Want for Dinner?

Trying to Decide What You Want for Dinner?

Enjoy our authentic Mexican food in Texarkana, TX

When you visit our Mexican restaurant, you're sure to find something for everyone. Taco Trip features a variety of authentic Mexican dishes for the whole family. You'll love our authentic Mexican food, and it will keep you coming back for more. We always use fresh ingredients and meat that's never been frozen.

Come to our restaurant in Texarkana, TX today to try our authentic Mexican food.

Don't settle for less than the best

When you want authentic Mexican food, we're the only place that can satisfy that hunger. Our Mexican food restaurant features mouthwatering meals that you and your friends will love.

You can order:

  • Tacos and burritos bursting with flavor
  • Sizzling, melty quesadillas with all your favorite toppings
  • Spicy enchiladas that will warm you right up
  • Hot soups full of seasoning
  • Huarache, gorditas and other authentic Mexican street food

Contact us today to find out more about our Mexican food in Texarkana, TX.